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Through the history Looking for xi 'an humanistic beauty

Date: 2014-09-23

Morning to fang Die on a bowl of a bubble, wave spirit to xi 'an. To gaos thought compound first look at somebody else's vice-mayor place to live, to make a drum tower, and then all chenghuang temple to burn incense, to the wall on the riding a bicycle. At noon, eat liangpi meat clip buns to drink a ice, went to the pagoda to see a fountain. Go to datang furong garden, have dinner and then to the tang dynasty city, about a sister to QuJiangChi. Night to open wide, roaming in datang city that never sleeps. This is the day to chat zha.
By China and Norway, two countries focus on the protection of historical block project, the traditional local-style dwelling houses building in Shanxi Province are the typical 144 - north gate 高岳崧 former residence (gaos thought compound) for visitors. Here you can experience the shaanxi paper-cutting, shadow play, and other cultural forms.
The gaos thought compound in downtown xi 'an north gate was built in Ming chongzhen years, in 1966, gaos thought compound have been nationalised. Move in in 1999, the compound is listed as key historical block protection project, the two countries and investment between the two countries, the renovation of damaged serious part. Released in 2001, the residence by the municipal people's government for the second batch of city-level key units to be protected, and in 2002, UNESCO cultural heritage award for Asia Pacific region. 2003, xi 'an Chinese art academies to perfect protective repair gaos thought compound, and has carried on the mining and development of the tourism culture, from the aspects of appreciation to the Chinese and foreign visitors during the Ming and qing dynasties architectural art, home, brick carvings art and traditional dwellings couplet; From the aspects of culture through the style of thangka art of Tibetan Buddhism, shaanxi folk paper-cutting, shadow play, puppet show and dance and so on the many kinds of han culture art form for the show.
Xian is the Ming dynasty's national military and political powerhouse, xi 'an bell tower from the construction, scale, historical value and artistic value measure, all of its kind in the country. Clock tower is one of the most favorite xi 'an building photographer.
Clock tower building on the square base, for the brick structure, heavy building three layer eaves, save form on the top of the four corners, a total of 36 meters high, the base is 8.6 meters high, each side length 35.5 meters, the area of about 1377.4 square meters, there are stairs is upwards. On the eaves covered with dark green glazed tile, floor, inside the painting, paintings carved beams, coping with fine gold treasure, glittering. Radiation for the center with it out of the east, south, west and north four and respectively with the Ming city Wall Street east, south, west and north four phase.
Clock tower was built in the Ming emperor zhu yuanzhang hongwu seventeen years (1384 AD), named after the deep hanging iron bell a upstairs. Built in the early, address in this broad street, and the drum tower. Cases of wanli Ming god for ten years (AD 1582) by cruise Ann platform Gong Xian host, moving clock tower as a whole at this address. Clock tower was typical of the Ming dynasty architectural art style, double-hipped roof arches, save the top tower, eaves micro become warped, luxuriant and solemn.