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Swim silk road west amorous feelings

Date: 2014-11-19

Xi 'an as the starting point of the silk road, the source of Chinese civilization, rich in tourism resources, for tens of thousands of visitors every year. The xi 'an tourism bureau "swim silk road, enjoy the west amorous feelings" activity continued to heat up, the silk road trip, from xi 'an again.
The first leg of the journey from vigil datang furong garden, an epic picture scroll. To meet in the morning the first ray of sunshine, the car has been on the way to the hometown of the god of wealth, weeks to. Lao tze said after Taiwan, fury at the scenic area, with its profound cultural background and passion to wash to the noise and dust of the past, let me next journey full of great expectation and thinking.
Through the white mountains, then entered the gansu province. As the silk road town of tianshui is a city of castle peak green. Here, fu xi and draw open a day, nuwa stones to day, it is the starting point of Chinese legend. And out of the local drama group shows congenital eight diagrams of fuxi temple, more think tianshui magic. This added a mystery for pilgrimage maijishan.
In maijishan, slightly with a chill. Looked up at the foot of the mountain, you can see three dongya cliff Buddha, they stand east cliff over 1000 years, as the patron saint of maijishan. It is a sign of maijishan, intermediate for Buddha, 16 meters high, each side has a bodhisattva as a statue, slightly less than the Buddha. Maijishan Buddha statue, a solemn silence. When you look up at his feet, shock is not only his tall, more vivid and magnificent, make the person have to exclamation ancestors exquisite craft. All stone, grottoes, digging in a form such as the wheat-rick hills. Because of the mountain, also had more wonderful folk legends and bookman of lovers.
In this, as if into the wonderland, have a sense of dreaming. Look, I saw a crib rise steeply, cliff face impending, capping layer of rock, the mountain pour shu, depend on each other set up in the air the caves road connections. The winding road like dragon air layer on the rock climbing. Under the mountain to see the road, if not the fact in the eyes, you will think this is a magic, clearly is not a man can do. On the road, will feel the breeze of impurity removal, wall niches between densely, statue, secret caves, such as honeycomb, the dizzying, extrapolate. Around the mountain clouds, mountains, dense trees, overlooking the distance, at this time of body and mind are flying!
Standing in the top of the plank road the years scouring has washed away the Buddha as originally, but the light is still bright. Green, sea of clouds inclusive field. On the silk road, standing on the edge of a cliff, when the sound of bell and smoke, the ancient people, in the absence of stair armrest and, what is the up and down, back and forth and how the power to make them so persistent. Perhaps, in the silk road trip next stop will find the answer. There is still a long way, is still in the faith, the art of light shine on the continuation of the one thousand steps to move on.
With the consideration of maijishan grotto art, through the footprint of the silk road, enter only the first of its kind in the hexi corridor tourist city - wuwei. Products across the palate the wine, appreciate the beauty of the horse step swallows, body and mind to another magical place together.
Arrived in zhang ye is already more than 11 PM, the tired of her driving and quickly do danxia homework, look at how to shoot the danxia landform of the most beautiful, afraid to miss any of a beauty.
Zhang ye danxia landform in the hill country of 100 sq km of the foothills, red glutenite by long-term weathering stripping and water erosion, forming the isolated peaks and steep rock ledges.
Thousands of cliff mountains, all present a bright red or reddish brown, Dan all is mutual set off, god shows sages "color such as w, Dan Ming" is wonderful elegant demeanor, the qilian mountain / 1.41% funding research to carve qifeng protrusions, majestic mountains. The local ethnic minorities will this peculiar mountain called "Alan gulag".
Stood on the other side of the mountain and looked at the sky the beauty of the color, I fell into deep thinking. This is how beautiful the gift of nature has stood there for one thousand years. And only forward steps, to enjoy it, there is only a sound on the silk road camel and industrious caravan can understand the beauty of the picture.
The silk road journey continues, let us continue to west followed in the footsteps of our predecessors. Because they are more beautiful scenery in the front.