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Xi 'an best cinematography "small and pure and fresh" railway

Date: 2014-10-19

Recently, xi 'an, a highly artistic breath track on the Internet, some netizens think is too small and pure and fresh, some netizens also said have time to take a few photos here, pretending to be in Europe. The railway from xian metallurgical plant, because both sides trees lush, often train like wall friction and tidy, the train travel in as if to pass through the green channel, is human hair to get to the Internet after the leap up is red.
All xi 'an street church in xi 'an street, therefore calls the five-star street church, also known as the Catholic church in xian south hall full name for st Francis cathedral, xian is a Catholic archdiocese ZongTang and bishop.
The qing yongzheng years national prohibition, the south hall closed. By ShanShan distinguish after cure, shaanxi second and third bishop Alfonso vagnoni, lynch love since 1862 and qing shanxi authorities after years of negotiations, finally back in 1884 to teach, and to expand again. Built after the south hall to lobby between 10, 700 square meters, the hall face high 17.45 meters, is a antique brick structure, internal use arch, manifests the Roman style, make Chinese and western architecture, hospital affiliated to house 158 rooms, with a total area of 20.16 mu. In 1906-1908, Hu Ding help as bishop of fifth in shaanxi province, the south hall all fix up. Since the 20th century, there has founded rose women's middle and primary school, elementary school, Joseph man Anthony and Mary hospital clinic. Years south hall not only in honor the glory of the Lord, the church work such as career development have made outstanding achievements, at the same time for the social public welfare and national education career, also has made a tremendous contribution.
Action Ba ecological zones located in the eastern part of xi 'an city, planning a total area of 129 square kilometers, gets its name from the "changan eight water" famous action, Ba drainage. In September 2004, xi 'an municipal party committee, municipal government on the basis of comprehensive urban development experience at home and abroad are widely set up ecotype city new district - xi 'an action Ba biome. Purpose is through the watershed comprehensive management and ecological construction, improve the urban form and improve the ecological environment, improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of the city and at the same time, give prominence to the development of financial business, tourism and leisure, conference exhibition, culture, education and other modern service industries and the ecological environment industry.
Action Ba biome in the northeastern city of xi 'an to action river, ba river, with emphasis on the development of building with financial, business, conference and exhibition, traveling, living, creative industry is given priority to, such as the third generation of a new town, build livable appropriate industry in xian city new district!